Gregory Herman, Ph.D. Engineering and Research

Gregory HermanDr. Herman’s career began at MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while he worked under Dr. Harold E. “Doc” Edgerton in his stroboscopic and sonar imaging laboratories, while majoring in Physics and Electrical Engineering. Subsequently, Dr. Herman received his Ph.D. from the elite College of Optical Sciences, at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Herman has vast experience in laser and electro-optical design, in laser frequency control and stabilization, and in prototyping LIDAR and DIAL laser instrumentation systems for applications in atmospheric sensing. Dr. Herman’s doctoral dissertation was on the production of a Terahertz frequency local oscillator, whose applications include next generation communications, noninvasive medical imaging, and nondestructive imaging and testing of a host of manufactured products. Dr. Herman’s method was patented in the United States and Japan.

Dr. Herman has been an educator and researcher for over 30 years. Dr. Herman has taught physics, mathematics, and engineering, at the high school and university levels. At each of Dr. Herman’s affiliated institutions, whether with NASA, with industrial partners, or with universities and high schools, he has mentored and coached a diverse group of individuals, with a wide variety of research projects, helping them all achieve satisfaction and success.

When not in the lab, Dr. Herman enjoys golfing, BBQing, hiking, camping, and gardening. Dr. Herman also plays the drums.

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