Madam Pengzhi Liu Head of School & Chair of Board of Trustees

Pengzhi LiuMadame Liu, Pengzhi, has been officially designated as an Outstanding Teacher of high school mathematics (highest rank in China’s secondary education), university professor, doctoral supervisor, and is a renowned contemporary educator across the teaching profession in China.

She started teaching at RDFZ as a mathematics teacher in 1974 and founded the experimental classes of gifted children in 1985. Madam Liu became Deputy Principal of RDFZ in 1989 and Principal in June, 1997. She also has served as Principal of the RDFZ United Schools from September 2012 until the present. Under her leadership, RDFZ grew to be not only ranked #1 nationally, but also renowned in many countries worldwide.

Madam Liu is a senior trainer for China’s Olympic Team of Mathematics. Her students have received Gold and Silver medals in International Olympiads. She has led or participated in a dozen international and national research projects, published numerous research reports and academic papers, and edited dozens of textbooks. Her book “A Lifelong Cause” has been widely distributed across China and around the world.

Madam Liu has received numerous national awards for her work. She was elected as a “National Exemplary Worker” by the State Council of China; she received a “National Science and Technology Advance Award” for the “Internet Education Key Technology Model Project”; and she won the Soong Ching Ling Camphor Tree Award from the China Welfare Institute.

In 2015, at the International Recognition Recording and Transmission Platform, she received the 5th Who’s Who Award for China Education from the International Federation of Chinese Elite and Zhuangxiquan Foundation.

Madam Liu also acts as a member of the State Education Consulting Committee, Chairperson of the Society for Cultivating Innovators, and Vice Chairperson of the China Invention Association.

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