Facility Staff , PRISMS


The Maintenance Staff shall:

    1. Perform general maintenance and repair tasks in a variety of areas and as assigned by the Facility Manager and in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations.

    2. Perform only those maintenance and repairs that do not require a license, or perform maintenance and repairs under the direct supervision of a licensed technician.

    3. Ensure that the work site and conditions are safe.

    4. Perform assignments relating to insuring all schools and district sites are able to safely open and function when assigned. This includes working cooperatively with custodial employees during emergency operations.

    5. Perform regular inspections of equipment and systems, reporting any abnormalities and hazards immediately.

    6. Respond to emergency situations and perform necessary repairs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    7. Use the work order system, making sure that work orders have been written and approved by the Executive Principal or his designator before performing tasks, except in emergency situations.

    8. Keep a log of all maintenance functions and repairs performed.

    9. Recommend repairs or procedures that are beyond the scope of responsibilities, skill, or experience, outlining the work needed and specifications required of an outside contractor.

    10. Ensure that all applicable fire, safety, health, and environmental regulations and laws are observed and exceeded.

    11. Maintain an adequate supply of parts and supplies usually used in repairs, and request needed supplies through the established procedures of the district.

    12. Operate and maintain in a safe and operational condition all tools and equipment necessary to carry out job functions and responsibilities.

    13. Remove snow and ice by shoveling, plowing, and/or sanding walks, driveways, parking areas, and steps.

    14. Report immediately any damage or vandalism to facilities, or theft of equipment.

    15. Make recommendations for improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance operations of the district.

    16. Perform any duties and responsibilities that are within the scope of employment, as assigned by the supervisors, and not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation.

Applicants are required to email:

    1. Resume

    2. Salary requirements

    3. A list of three (3) professional references

Only candidates who meet the requirements listed above will be considered. Please send correspondence via e-mail only (no phone calls, please) to: hr@prismsus.org