The 2nd PRISMS Spring Camp for Chemistry Olympiad

About the Online Program

A seven-session online mentoring program for preparing outstanding students to compete in the USNCO, taught by Dr. Chen, the coach of IChO gold medalist.

For those who participate the National Exam, they will be prepared well through the program. For those who couldn’t take national exam, this camp is also a great way to prepare them for next year.

Flyer for Spring Camp

Targeted Students

  • Scored 40+ in the 2018 Local Exam
  • or solid background in both algebra and AP Chemistry.
  • Platform for the Online Class

  • Google Classroom – platform for class materials and discussion
  • Zoom – online class platform for engaged and interactive learning experience
  • Students – PC or laptop with microphone, touch screen-based devices such as iPads preferred
  • Recording will be provided for up to 2 missed classes
  • Schedule

    8-10 PM EST, Apr 3-4, and Apr 7-11 (7 sessions)

    Topics (Date)

    1. Descriptive Chemistry/Laboratory 1 (Apr 3)

    2. Descriptive Chemistry/Laboratory 2 (Apr 4)

    3. Organic Chemistry 1 (Apr 7)

    4. Organic Chemistry 2 (Apr 8)

    5. Advanced Topics in Thermo/Kinetics (Apr 9)

    6. Advanced Topics in Eq/ElectroChem (Apr 10)

    7. Advanced Topics in Structural Chem (Apr 11)


    $700 for the whole seven sessions

    Please make check with student’s name in the memo out to “Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science – 2nd PSC” and mail to:

    PRISMS Finance Office

    19 Lambert Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540

    by Mar 28th, 2019


  • Please fill the Google form.
  • Please mail the check.
  • Contact and More Information

    About Dr. Chen

    Dr. Chen taught high school and college-level chemistry courses as a classroom teacher and competition coach in both China and United States. He accumulated ample experience in stimulating and guiding gifted students to achieve excellence in chemistry.

    Under Dr. Chen's guidance, dozens of students got awards in national chemistry olympiad, more than ten students advanced into the study camp in China and United States. The table below lists part of the achievements Dr. Chen made in guiding students in the past few years.

    Year Student Award
    2013 Liu The 4th place in Chinese Chemistry Olym
    2015 Nie The 4th place in Chinese Chemistry Olym
    2017 Dai Study camper (top 20) in USNCO
    2018 Dai Gold medalist at the 50th IChO

    Dr. Chen organized the 1st PRISMS Spring Camp (on-site) for Chemistry Olympiad in April 2018, which attracted 10 aspiring students from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and California. According to the testimonials below, the camp is very helpful. Four participants got Honors Awards or above in the national exam with the help of the camp.

    Testimonials of the 1st PSC - Chemistry Olympiad

  • The camp truly was an incredible experience to meet other aspiring students and gain exposure with more advanced topics in chemistry. While preparing me for the Olympiad, the Camp also more subtly revealed the intricate complexities of the central science!
  • I think it was very helpful. The descriptive chemistry part was the most useful. It summarized all the reactions commonly found on USNCO very well.
  • Through participating in this camp, I was not only exposed to aspects of chemistry that I was unfamiliar with, but aspects of chemistry that I doubt I would have ever understood to such an elaborate extent in such a short amount of time otherwise if I hadn’t participated in the camp. I learned so much about electrochemistry, descriptive chemistry, reaction theory, inorganic chemistry, kinetics, thermodynamics, equilibrium, organic chemistry, lab design, and much more (and even managed to make a few new friends along the way). So, thank you so much, Dr. Chen, for giving me this wonderful learning experience and I hope to make you proud in USNCO with all that you’ve taught me!
  • Really fun, interesting, and very very educational and helpful.
  • I think it was great! All my questions were answered well, and the class was taught very systemically. I liked how we were given opportunities to use our newly learned/enhanced skills in tests and labs.
  • PSC - Chemistry Olympiad is the perfect camp for preparing for USNCO. Finding descriptive chemistry resources online is an especially hard task to do, but Dr. Chen is a master in descriptive chemistry and helped me to understand and be more familiar with reactions. PSC really challenged me and pushed me to work on questions harder than the USNCO. I feel much more confident about the USNCO after attending this camp