Qi Wang Physics

Qi WangQi WANG is a graduate of Beijing Normal University and holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree of Physics. She has taught high school physics for more than thirty years, with twelve years' experience teaching gifted and talented students college level physics course and tutoring them to prepare for the Chinese National Physics Olympia competition, where many of them won first prize. She was honored as the Distinguished Physics Teacher in Beijing since 2005, chaired the Physics Department and served as Deputy Principal of the school’s International Curriculum Center. Qi WANG has published many professional papers in national core journals and coauthored an important Physics textbook in China. Additionally, she has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Reading in UK and presented at international conferences on Physics teaching. She was one of the pioneers of PRISMS, as a leading AP physics teacher, her students in PRISMS obtained extremely excellent scores both in AP physics C Mechanics and physics C electromagnetism tests.

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