Qiang(Steven) Chen, Ph.D. Head of Labs, Science Coordinator and Chemistry Teacher

Steven ChenDr. Steven Chen, graduated from Peking University with a PhD in chemistry, is working at the Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science (PRISMS) as a science teacher, chemistry team coach, and research mentor.

In the past few years, he worked closely with the students in his class, chemistry team and research group, stimulated and guided them achieve excellence in science. Under his guidance, dozens of students won top awards in the National Chemistry Olympiad, and one of them won a gold medal at the 50th International Chemistry Olympiad in the summer of 2018 at Czech and Slovakia.

As an enthusiastic and inspiring classroom teacher, Dr. Chen teaches Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry, college-level Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. With years of teaching practice in both China and United States, Dr. Chen has insightful understanding in the curricula and strengths of the science education in both systems.

As a research mentor, Dr.Chen focuses on utilizing chemistry and nanotechnology in solving environmental issues. Benefiting from the two-year research program, students in Dr. Chen’s research group get the opportunity to work on authentic hands-on projects, varying from formaldehyde sensing, heavy metals removal, pesticides detection, to synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of nanomaterials. They presented their research progress in academic conferences, such as the ACS Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, the IEEE Secondary Education Conference, etc, and also got dozens of top awards in the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair.

Dr. Chen is acting as a MENTOR – making students around to realize, develop and maximize their potentials, and achieve excellence.

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