Taryl Kirk, D.Sc.  Physics Teacher

taryl_kirk Dr. Kirk obtained his B.Sc. in Physics from the University of California at San Diego, M. Sc. (Diplom Physik) from the University of Stuttgart, and D. Sc. in Solid State Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ). The bulk of his early research was focused on the peculiar properties associated with materials with strongly correlated charge carriers (e.g. giant magneto-resistance, colossal magneto-resistance (CMR), high (transition) temperature superconductors (HTSCs), CMR/HTSC). Most recently, he has designed and constructed a novel scanning electron microscope, which is a cost-efficient, high-resolution instrument capable of imaging the top-most layers of “clean” surfaces.

He worked as a visiting Assistant Professor at Rowan University and the College of New Jersey, and later worked at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) for eight years. Parallel to his work at ETS, Dr. Kirk continued his research endeavors as a visiting Scientist at Rutgers University in collaboration with his Rowan visiting Assistant Professorship.

Dr. Kirk is now teaching AP Physics C, Modern Physics, as well supervising research projects at PRISMS. He believes it is important to apply the same approach to teaching that he has used in his research. This means that he has to continuously modify his pedagogy using scientific methods. Accordingly, he constantly improves his lecture style based on contemporary physics education research (PER). In particular, he has adopted an active learning model; where, various PER techniques of “Just In Time Teaching” are applied.

Dr. Kirk likes to keep in shape and enjoys lifting weights, running, boxing, and snowboarding.

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