Xiaoyu Wang Ph.D. Deputy Principal

Xiaoyu WangDr. Wang is Deputy Principal at PRISMS, supervising academics and student affairs. Dr. Wang obtained her B.S. in Mathematics, M.A. in Computational Mathematics, and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. Shortly after graduating from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Wang began her teaching career at a High School in China.

While in China, Dr. Wang served in many capacities, starting as a mathematics teacher and class advisor before eventually being promoted to Director of Moral Education Department, Dean of General Administration Office, and Deputy Principal. She was honored as Beijing Backbone Teacher in 2007, and Haidian Academic Leader in 2007; she won the first prize in Beijing ZiJin Cup in 2006, and the award of Haidian Beacon for Excellence in Teachers’ Professional Ethics in 2006.

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