14 Students Qualified for AIME through Their Achievements in AMC10/12A 2015

Every year, more than 350,000 students in roughly 6000 schools participate in the American Mathematics Competitions contests. AMC is designed to engage students and teachers in effective mathematical problem solving that is consistent with curricular goals and to prepare students for future mathematical success.

This year, PRISMS students joined this big math competition and they did very well. The 14 students listed below qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam by achieving an AMC12A score of 99 or an AMC10A score of 106.5.


Distinguished Honor Roll:

Junyao (Peter) Peng 133.5, Zhaohui (MAX) Xiong 124.5, Tingwei (Mark) Liu 123.0,Ziqi (Joe) Zhou 123.0, Jifan (William) Zhang 121.5

Honor Roll:

Zhengwei (Billy) Wu 115.5, Lingyun (Richard) Xiao 112.5,Kunpeng (Frank) Huang 108.0, Yiming (Andy) Zhang 108.0, Zhao (Chao) Liu 106.5


Distinguished Honor Roll: Fei (Frederic) Peng 124.5, Xuzhang (Gavin) Li 115.5       Honor Roll: Leon Deng 114.0, Haoyang (Adam) Nan 114.0


Even further, Junyao (Peter) Peng qualified for USAMO (United States of America Mathematical Olympiad) and got the invitation from MOSP (Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program). Now he is on the list of 12 students who will take the team select tests for IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad).

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