3D Printing PPE

During the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19, the PRISMS students are joining the relief efforts in their own right. Kevin Murphy, a sophomore, is one of the leaders in this endeavor.

At PRISMS, he received amazing support from the faculty and staff to achieve amazing things. Mr. Kemp, the STEAM Department Head, has inspired and supported him throughout his endeavors to manufacture and deliver Personal Protection Equipment to the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. When he heard Mr. Kemp was printing headbands for face shields, he asked if he could get a .stl (a filetype) of the design so that he could print them on his printer at home. The .stl was too big but he redesigned it by cutting it into pieces that he could easily melt together with his soldering iron.

Once he saw how functional the design was and how easy it was to print and assemble, he started reaching out to some friends who either have or might know someone who has a 3D printer. He sent the .stls of the full mask and the disassembled mask to multiple people around Princeton and they expanded to also print mask bands for ear comfort and cut plastic to build face shields. His team at PRISMS has also reached out to local hospitals and nursing homes in an attempt to satisfy their needs with the PPE they are making and donations from fundraising.

Kevin has also witnessed and appreciated how his classmates are also being creative and aiding in the fight against COVID-19. He hopes their stories may shine a beam of hope and purpose in these uncertain times. “It doesn’t matter whether you do something big or small, as even small donations can be the difference between a life saved and one lost”, says Kevin.

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