Drawing for Donation

During the school closure and social distancing, the PRISMS scholars are taking proactive actions to mobilize the entire community and reach out to the outside resources to raise fund for the COVID-19 relief efforts, especially purchasing the much needed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Boxuan “Wolf” Chen, a student from the class of 2020 and also an AP Art student, stepped up with the idea of "Drawing for Donation" (D4D), meaning anyone could commission Wolf to draw a portrait of themselves and the proceeds will be donated to this fundraiser.

Within a week, Wolf and his team raised a few hundred dollars. To expand the demand, Wolf collaborated with the abundant source of artists from WUSTL (University of Washington St. Louis) that he’s going to attend: they felt excited about the idea. Not only did Wolf and his team got in touch with dozens of American Artists on Instagram, they also got on board exceptional artists: Alkan Nallbani, the Art Director of PRISMS and You Ye, a famous Chinese Architect. Together, they assembled a team of over 30 artists! With a strong team and enthusiasm, it is when everything starts to burst.

In addition to building a strong team, Wolf also designed a website to explain the meaning of D4D and simplified the process for people to donate and choose artists. With the add-on of this automatic system, D4D raised $1,331 by the end of the third week.

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