Earth Day Eve Event hosted at PRISMS Wins ACS ChemLuminary Award

During a recent ceremony at the National American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting in San Francisco, PRISMS, together with the Princeton American Chemical Society (PACS), won the American Chemical Society’s ChemLuminary Award for an online-live hybrid outreach event they did on the Earth Day Eve in April that helped promote the Society’s position statement on sustainability.

At the event, Professor Maurie J. Cohen of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, author of Sustainability (Polity Press, 2020) and other publications on climate change, delivered the keynote address. A group of pre-selected individuals who had considered these issues presented their thoughts and findings from their use of the policy simulator, En-ROADS (Climate Interactive, MIT Management), a freely available online application giving individuals the chance to design scenarios to control and limit anthropogenic impacts on the environment, specifically global warming and climate change.

The event successfully engaged and informed participants, including students from our high school to university and other interested local community members. The Earth Day Eve Event was incorporated into a week-long program at PRISMS coordinated by chemistry and environmental science teacher Randy Weintraub, MS, PhD, along with Barbara Ameer, PharmD,

MBA, Alternate Councilor of PACS. Both are active members of ACS.

We are proud to be part of an event worthy of national recognition with a ChemLuminary Award!

By Dr. Randy A. Weintraub

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