German scholarship awarded to Lisi Barros-Sehringer

Goethe Institut, the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, has recently awarded Mrs. Lisi Barros-Sehringer a scholarship to attend German courses for language teachers this summer. “I would like to build a language bridge between students and Germany.” Mrs. Barros-Sehringer will share her methodology and class experiences with other language teachers from around the world. “Goethe Institut is developing very interesting programs that connect German language learning to Mathematics, Physics, the Environment, and other topics. It is the same approach I have been taking at PRISMS, linking Spanish to STEM subjects.” Mrs. Barros-Sehringer always emphasizes the many opportunities that Germany has offered her. “In addition to having written my thesis at the University of Cologne, I now collaborate with Klett Verlag, developing learning materials for German students of Spanish, and I actively participate in Hispanorama, the magazine of the Association of German Teachers of Spanish.” She hopes that her PRISMS students will enjoy, at some point in their lives, the same kind of relationship she has established with that country.

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