PRISMS Students Shine at Mercer Science and Engineering Fair 2019

On March 18, 2019, 21 PRISMS students had great success at the award ceremony of the annual Mercer County Science and Engineering Fair (MSEF). Yizhen (Johnson) Chen and Songtao (Barton) Li won the first place in the field of Mathematics, Physics, & Astronomy, and Chemistry & Materials, respectively. Many others received various of special awards in different categories. The name of Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science (PRISMS) was announced so many times in the award ceremony!

The Fair recognizes the scientific and engineering achievements of students in Mercer County, which attracts nearly 80 students from dozens of schools in Princeton and surrounding areas. Students use the scientific method to prepare their projects: selecting a research topic, developing a project plan, executing the plan and creating a presentation of the project's results. Participants prepare a research paper and presentation board that are judged by professional scientists and engineers.

PRISMS has been involved in the competition since 2017, with only one student participated in the first year. Nine PRISMS students entered the fair in 2018. This year, coordinated by Dr. Chen, a historic record of 21 students prepared and competed in the competition with the professional guidance from our fabulous Ms Jones and research mentors. Beginning in January 2019, the students started their preparation through a one-minute oral presentation about the significance and brief background of their research projects. The second round was a slides presentation focusing on the experimental results and conclusion. All faculty and students were invited to a final poster presentation, which is quite similar to the fair. Students got tremendous feedback and suggestions from mentors and other students.

Here are the awards received by PRISMS students in MSEF 2019:

Chemistry, Materials, and Environmental Science

Psychology and Social Science


Engineering, Optics, and Computer Science


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