PRISMS Celebrates the Hindu Festival Holi

On Monday, March 25th, 2019, a group of PRISMS students comprised of Rishi, Swas, and Vidya organized a celebration of the Hindu festival Holi! Holi is also known as “the festival of color”, and for many, it signifies the arrival of spring and a time to have fun with friends.

So, in celebration of the event, after classes ended for the day, volunteers set up cultural tables for members of the PRISMS community to experience some aspects of Indian culture. We had calligraphy, Mehndi (Henna) tattoos, and a panipuri (a popular Indian street food) station. Many faculty members showed up, like Mr. Li, who almost beat Rishi in the traditional Indian game Carrom! Afterward, students gathered at the soccer field where they threw colored dyes at each other (as per Holi tradition) and washed off with water balloons. Many of the Indian parents also cooked a lot of amazing, traditional Indian food for the students and faculty to enjoy during dinner.

Thank you, parents and students, for making the event such a success!

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