PRISMS Celebrates National Chemistry Week

PRISMS Chem Club sponsored and hosted a number of events for all PRISMS students to participate in celebrating National Chemistry Week, Oct. 21 - 27, 2019. On Tuesday, Drs. Chen and Duggan took 12 students to Philadelphia to take part in the University of Pennsylvania's Nano Day program where high school students from the area learned about the research efforts and technology in the materials science area of nanotechnology. At our own school, a Periodic Table of PRISMS People was produced with each student or staff member's portrait representing one of the 118 known elements of their choosing. This was an acknowledgement and celebration of the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev's Periodic Table. The students also submitted fun facts about their element to be used to create questions for a Chemistry Quiz Bowl competition. The high point of the week was Mole Day, October 23rd. (Why 10-23? Ask a chemist.). Members wore their specially designed PRISMS Chem Club t-shirts as they hosted and ran a Jeopardy-styled Elements of the Periodic Table Quiz Bowl competition. Through 5 rounds the students showed off their knowledge of chemistry facts. Along with the students, game show competitors included Dr. Laurie Hochstetler (History), Ms. Jade Hage (English), Dr. Yang Yang, and Mr. Pearce! Snacks and treats were provided which helped make the event a real party! Finally, on Friday Chem Club students will be volunteering at Princeton University's NCW open house for Princeton area elementary and middle school students and their parents. It is an honor for PRISMS students to be chosen to provide demonstrations to share with young people in the interest of promoting chemistry and science to the Princeton community. Chem Club members themselves designed the activities to entice young people to follow their curiosity and interest in science.

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