PRISMS Students Present Posters at MARM 2017

Six PRISMS students presented posters at the American Chemical Society 45th Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM 2017). As there is no separate program for high school students, these students participated in the Undergraduate Poster Session on June 4th.

• Mary Dai, “Development of an easy-to-use, paper-based sensing device for colorimetric detection of formaldehyde”

• Tracy Han, “Reconstruction of ancestral tumor necrosis factor-alpha: Protein activity and primate evolution”

• Joshua Huang, “In silico evaluation of a hydrogen production system with enzyme produced from cell-free protein synthesis”

• Paulina Kulyavtsev, “Progress towards surface-modified porous silicon”

• May Ou, “Targeted genetic mutations to OmpA in E. coli and its effect on its susceptibility to the K3 virus”

• Billy Wu, “Paper-based mercury detection implementing gold nanoparticles and mercury-specific oligonucleotide”

The PRISMS research program, a unique long-term program that allows students to experience authentic research under the supervision of faculty mentor, provides opportunities for students to showcase their work to the wider scientific community.

Dr. Roxanne Spencer will present a poster entitled “Authentic chemistry research in high school” during the Chemical Education session on June 6th to highlight examples of student projects in chemistry along with a discussion of challenges and lessons learned from implementing an authentic research program in a high school setting.

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