PRISMS Teacher Developing Classroom Content

PRISMS Teacher Developing Classroom Content

Dr. Roxanne Spencer was recently selected from a pool of applicants to be part of the content writing team for the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) The Chemistry of Cars project. This project was made available to AACT members through a partnership with the Ford Motor Company, and the content team comprises 10 current K-12 teachers of chemistry from across the country.

Working cooperatively and independently from February until the beginning of June, team members will create unique and exciting classroom content focused on The Chemistry of Cars. Dr. Spencer hopes to draw on her industrial experience in hydrogen energy and fuel cells for transportation to develop lessons that inform students while inspiring a sense of wonder.

The resources produced by the content writing team will be published and available on the AACT website ( at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year for chemistry teachers to implement in their classrooms.

The AACT was launched by the American Chemical Society in 2014 as a new professional community for K-12 teachers of chemistry, and Dr. Spencer is a charter member.

(Photo by Kunpeng “Frank” Huang)

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