Awards Ceremony Caps a Great Year for PRISMS Athletics

The inaugural Athletics Awards Ceremony took place on Thursday, 18 May. Thanks to the efforts of the committed coaching staff, supportive parents, and dedicated school administrators, the event was a huge success. Coaches celebrated outstanding achievement in PRISMS four teams (JV and Varsity Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball) by awarding trophies for Most Improved, Coaches’ Choice, and Players’ Choice categories. Among the winners, Edward C. ‘24 and Angel J. ‘24 stood out with two awards each. Edward scooped the Most Improved in soccer and Players’ Choice in basketball awards, while Angel snagged both the Coaches’ and Players’ Choice awards for her play on the volleyball team. Everyone who attended was treated to speeches from both coaches and players, as well as video reviews of one of PRISMS’ most successful athletics seasons yet.

The evening was very well attended by our athletes and their parents. Refreshments and snacks were generously provided by a group of local and international families, organized by Rebecca Feder and Vivian Wu. The ceremony was a fitting end to an athletics season in which our boys and girls fought harder than ever and our communal bonds grew ever stronger.

Awards Winners:

J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball Soccer Volleyball
Most Improved: Daniel H. ‘26 Most Improved: Ted Z. ‘25 Most Improved: Edward C. ‘23 Most Improved: Linda G. ‘23
Players’ Choice: Devin B. ‘25 Players’ Choice: Edward C. ‘24 Players’ Choice: Kevin Y. ‘23 Players’ Choice: Angel J. ‘24
Coaches’ Choice: Pike Z. ‘25 Coaches’ Choice: Toby S. ‘23 Coaches’ Choice: Oliver G. ‘23 Coaches’ Choice: Angel J. ‘24
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