Earth Week 2023 at PRISMS

With the temperatures rising through the 20oC's, the melodic sounds of bird calls, and assorted sights of wildflowers and tree buds emerging, Spring is busting out on the PRISMS Campus. And this was a perfect time to appreciate and celebrate Earth Week, April 16th – 23rd, at PRISMS!

Four events highlighted Earth Week at PRISMS to remind us that “Good Planets Are Hard to Find” and we should treat the Earth that way. First, PRISMS Houses were tasked to propose an idea for reducing the carbon footprint at PRISMS: “PRISMS Little Foot Carbon Challenge.” The ideas were presented to our community at the end of the week. A rich array of creative proposals emerged, including “Vegetable Venesdays,” “Low Carbon Runner” (a video game about lower carbon footprint choices), and “Passive Air Conditioning Using Empty Water Bottles.”

Second, AP Environmental Science students and others participated in an En-ROADS Climate Interactive Workshop facilitated by Dr. Weintraub was open to the public at Plainsboro Public Library on Thursday evening. En-ROADS is a publicly available interactive simulator developed at MIT with ‘Climate Interactive’ to stimulate discussions on viable and equitable scenarios to avoid the devastating impacts of climate change and global warming.

The PRISMS ChemClub presented creative and informative posters on “Amazing Algae,” the American Chemical Society Earth Week theme. ChemClub members highlighted the versatility of these creatures in reducing negative anthropogenic practices. Algae’s potential as a biofuel, greater use as food, and a carbon sink was highlighted.

Finally, our 2nd Annual Earth Day Trash Cleanup Walk to Princeton brought us to Sustainable Princeton’s Earth Day Fest at Morven Museum and Gardens. The group of 16 enjoyed each other’s company, keeping Rosedale Road trash-free on a 4-mile round trip walk on a beautiful Earth Day. ​​

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