Senior Rohan Jay Recognized for Prestigious Achievements

Rohan Jay, a senior at PRISMS, has been honored as a semi-finalist for the Presidential Scholar award, a distinction given to only 625 students nationwide. This prestigious recognition celebrates Rohan's outstanding academic achievements in standardized tests, and recognizes him as one of the Nation's most distinguished graduating high school seniors.

In addition to his academic accolades, Rohan has earned the Gold Medal Congressional Award. This award acknowledges his significant "contributions to the community" and his embodiment of the "values of initiative, service, and achievement."" Rohan's dedication to making a positive impact in his community and his commitment to excellence have set him apart as a role model for his peers.

Rohan Jay's achievements reflect his hard work, dedication, and the positive influence he has had on those around him. As he prepares to graduate, his future looks bright with endless possibilities for continued success and leadership.

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