Swas Goel completes highest levels of world language courses at PRISMS

Swas was raised in Canada and completed his elementary schooling there. After spending one year at a French-American School, Swas arrived at PRISMS. When he first went there in 9th grade, he simply hoped to be able to continue French within the school. He certainly got his wish a couple of years later, in 11th grade, when he was given the opportunity to act in a French play at Princeton by Molière as well as take a college-level French course at Princeton University, FRE 211: French Theatre Workshop. Swas mentioned, "Through Princeton, I have been able to pursue my French endeavors and immerse myself further in the literature, by deeply understanding the language itself and its impact on the Francophone world's history, society, and culture." Outside of the classroom, Swas enjoys learning languages and is the first student to complete the highest level of education available for all languages offered at PRISMS (AP French, AP Spanish, and AP Mandarin Chinese). He is the founder of a discussion-based language learning initiative called NaHiBo (www.nahibo.com). He is also a youth leader for Somerset County, co-captain of the Basketball Team, head of the Model United Nations club, and an actor in French plays at Princeton. In his free time, Swas enjoys skiing, ice skating, and playing basketball. Congratulations Swas on these impressive achievements!

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