Therapy dog

On Friday, May 3, 2019, PRISMS welcomed therapy dogs to campus for the first time in anticipation of the coming AP Exams the following two weeks. Both dogs, “King Caius” and “Allie” arrived on campus with their owners and the fun began! With tails wagging, and doggy kisses aplenty, both dogs loved the attention the PRISMS family gave.

Students enjoyed sharing in the fun and unique downtime in the midst of intense studying and preparing for exams. Even some students who were afraid of dogs built up the courage to pet the furry visitors! Students had the opportunity to pet the animals and be outside with them to play fetch and run around in the yard.

Both dogs are trained therapy dogs through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs who visit different facilities and spend time with populations who may benefit from the stress relief and calming that animal therapy provides. ATD works to get facilities across the U.S. in touch with nearby therapy dog teams, and the best part—it’s all free!

The PRISMS family was so excited to have these therapy teams on campus, and fundraised over $120 towards gift baskets for our visitors, including dog toys, fuzzy slippers for the owners, and gift cards to PetSmart! Because this first event was such a success, PRISMS students look forward to more visits in the future!

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