PRISMS EM Falcons win the First place in PUPC 2014

PRISMS EM Falcons, the physics team of our school, participated in Princeton University Physics Competition on Nov 22nd, 2014. This was the fisrt time for us to join in this new competition. And our Falcons had an excellent performance in this competition.

Here is the list of the awards we won:


What is PUPC?

PUPC (Princeton University Physics Competition) is an international competition organized by Princeton University physics department.

This is the first year of PUPC. Its aim is to provide high school students with a venue to exhibit their skills in solving non-ordinary physics problems, learn new concepts from present-day areas of physics undergoing groundbreaking research, while at the same time competing for awards (plaques for best teams, medals for individual finalists, and certificates for all Onsite participants).

The competition consists of two separate parts: the team-based Online Part, released to registered participants through e-mail on November 15th 2014 and due by November 23rd 2014, and the individual-based Onsite Test, which was taken in Jadwin Hall, housing the Physics Department at Princeton University, in the afternoon of November 22nd 2014.

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