What Happens To Your Body One Hour After A Big Mac

#4 Curious What Happens to You After Eating a Big Mac?

The infographic below created by the US based Fast Food Menu Price, explains what your body goes through after consuming a Big Mac. It breaks down your physical symptoms immediately within the first hour and days after chowing down what is considered America’s favorite junk food.

#3 The First 10 Minutes & After 20 Minutes..

Within the first ten minutes after eating a Big Mac, your blood sugar raises to abnormal levels due to the added ingredient, fructose corn syrup. As it says below, you’ve just consumed 540 whooping calories! Additionally the sugar found in junk food makes it highly addictive.

#2 After 30 Minutes

Alongside consuming sugar via corn syrup, there’s high sodium levels flooding your body at 30 minutes. This creates dehydration, AND often will mimic hunger. Imagine that? You become hungry again soon after eating! Worse is, too much sodium can ultimately lead to high blood pressure – a leading culprit for heart disease and strokes.