“We inspire our students to listen, to question, and to leap beyond learning by rote. We give them a very special opportunity to explore their interests in real depth.”
Matthew Pearce, Executive Principal

Welcome to STEM Education 3.0

PRISMS gives you the chance to take your interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as far as your interests and abilities extend.

Our academic program is built on proven best practices from leading schools in STEM education—practices we are now taking to the next level.

Consider a few of the key advantages PRISMS offers:

Superb Faculty—Learn with educational innovators, published research scientists, and gifted teachers— from the expert who literally wrote the book on makerspace design to the master teacher who has coached a dozen mathematicians to gold medals in international competition.

Personal Attention—With a student-faculty ratio of just 3:1 and small class sizes, PRISMS offers a uniquely personal and powerful learning experience. The result is ample individual support, close connections between students and faculty, and accelerated progress through course content.

A High-Powered CurriculumThe PRISMS program of study offers advanced courses ranging from Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus to Quantum Mechanics and Organic Chemistry—and the list is growing every year. It also features an innovative first-year course called BASE (Bridging the Arts Science and Engineering) that integrates biology, English, and applied engineering in fascinating ways.

A Signature Research Experience—At PRISMS, every student completes a two-year original research or innovation project. Identify a new virus. Design wind turbine blades. Build an underwater robot or high–altitude balloon. You will have the time, the expert support, and the advanced laboratory equipment to discover or develop something really impressive.

An International Community of Gifted Learners—The classmates and friends you learn with can be as important as your teachers, and at PRISMS you will learn with the best. We attract bright, creative kids from around the world who have the talent and drive to be future leaders in their fields—whether they pursue careers in science, technology, the professions, or business.

A Strong Focus on Technology and Engineering— At PRISMS, our definition of “STEM” includes more than math and science. We offer up to three-and-half years of instruction in engineering, an exceptionally active and well-equipped makerspace/engineering lab, and the chance to choose a technology- or engineering-related project as the focus of your two-year research experience.

An Outstanding College Counseling Program—Our college counseling program offers a level of personalized guidance and support that eclipses what most schools can provide, under the leadership of a counseling dean who spent ten years as dean of admissions at MIT and is a leader in her field.

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